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Social Media Image Sizes

Have you ever got tasked with creating your company’s social media pages? Trying to find out the most important social medias to promote your brand and then trying to find the correct image sizes can take hours of research. Here is Amped Up Media & Marketing’s easy guide to get you started.
Facebook Images

Facebook Image Specs

Need to know exact size specifics for all your Facebook images? Find out here.

Facebook Image Sizes
Google+ Images

Google+ Image Specs

Here’s your image settings and specifications for your Google+ page. Click for info.

Google+ Image Sizes
Twitter Images

Twitter Image Specs

All the image specs needed to professionally set up a business Twitter page.

Twitter Image Sizes
Instagram Images

Instagram Image Specs

Looking for the correct image sizes to help set up your Instagram account?  Click below.

Instagram Image Sizes
YouTube images

YouTube Image Specs

YouTube account setup can be a little daunting. Grab our image specs and ease the confusion.

YouTube Image Sizes
LinkedIn images

LinkedIn Image Specs

Need to know all the image sizes and specifications for your LinkedIn page? Have a look.

LinkedIn Image Sizes
Tumblr Images

Tumblr Image Specs

A cheat sheet to all the image sizes for your Tumblr account  Click below to see more.

Tumblr Image Sizes
Pinterest images

Pinterest Image Specs

A what size image resource for all things Pinterest. This will get you started on your pins.

Pinterest Image Sizes