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Intuitive Website Design With Branding In Mind

Multi-purpose business websites are the core of our website design work. Creating the correct balance between eye catching layout and design, great fresh content to relay your business’ message and great UX (user experience) are the main ingredients we use in our web development.

Having a website is crucial to the success of a business in today’s world. Consumers research products and services now more than ever before. Yet, at the end of 2014 over 47% of small businesses didn’t have an online presence. Businesses that previously relied on social media platforms to promote themselves now have to consider a website as the social media platforms are converting to pay-for-play models. It makes more sense to build on land you own as opposed to building on rented property.

Why Get Amped Up?

Our goal is to amplify the voice of small businesses, to help inspire and implement solutions that speaks to their customers through creative brand messaging, giving them pause to make informed buying decisions.
Our strategies are geared toward satisfying the needs of our customers that have given us the responsibility of growing and enhancing their brand. Our clients trust us because of our experience, our professionalism and our ability to serve up quality solutions on-time and on-budget. Effective marketing isn’t just about you and us – it’s about your customers, too. Our job is to understand your goals, create a relevant marketing experience and build a ongoing long term relationship.
We will do our utmost to earn your business. We promise to be diligent, thorough and fair. We love what we do. Let us help create your vision.

Amplify Your Site With…

GraphicsBeautiful Unique Graphics

All of our sites feature unique high quality royalty free graphics to give your new site a complete custom look and feel.

custom-contentCustom Content Writing

Search engines love fresh handcrafted content. After consultation, all customized content is written in-house and specific to each website.

SEO-baked-inSEO Baked In Design

Keyword research is where we begin. Content and images are added around the keywords as unique pages are created with search optimization in mind.

Purposeful Communication Purposeful Communication

Our web design primarily caters to the needs of the user first. Each website page needs to have a clear purpose and the ability to communicate clearly, simply and effectively.

NavigationEasy Navigation

After getting a consumer to your site, keeping them engaged and actionable is key. We follow the “3 Click Rule”. Direct the user to what they’re looking for in 3 clicks or be prepared for them to bounce.

Color PaletteBold Colors

Vibrant colors are emotive.  A great color palette is key. Complementary colors create balance and harmony while contrasting colors between the text and background sets off the page.

Your Knowledge. Our Solution!

We realize that it can seem to be a very overwhelming and a seemingly daunting task to begin the steps of creating a new website design or redesigning an outdated website that you may currently have. We make the process as simple as possible for you. You are the expert at your chosen field as we are in ours. Our job is to help tell your story to potential prospects that are local to your business, looking for the products and services that you offer. Dominate your backyard by being the local “superhero” of your industry.

Whether we are performing an entire website makeover or starting from scratch, we believe that when your clients are looking for your business online they should not only be able to find you, but also that your website leaves a good impression. That all starts with a great plan. Amped Up Media & Marketing knows that in order for your website to be found, that fresh copy content needs to be written with S.E.O. in mind so that your site is able to be found within organic search terms. Your website design needs to have great functionality with the ability to captivate the viewer in addition to telling your story about your business and what you can provide to your customer. It is your opportunity to “showcase” your business, tell your story, educate your audience, show off your assets and to create a user experience that will have your clients coming back again and again.

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Below is a brief outline of the reasons why we think you need to have an Amped Up Media & Marketing website. Some of these points may appear to overlap but it is important to consider them separately.

Your website has no borders. No longer does it matter where you are geographically located. You can draw business from anywhere in the world … or from just across town.
Digital marketing is the most cost effective way of marketing and attracting new customers. A search friendly website allows you exposure to an unlimited audience.
With the use of surveys and feedback, you can understand your customer’s wants, needs and user experience which allows you to enhance your brand via online reviews.
In the digital age that we live in, your clients expect your business to have a professional looking website. If they cannot easily find you online, be sure they’ll find your competition!
When you have an effective website you are able to stand out from your competitors. In today’s digital world, a company without a website is a company without a face.
Your potential clients are looking for information about your industry. Showcasing your products or services online where it can be found puts you in the game.
Consumers research to be informed before they buy. Over 90% of online experiences begin with Google, Bing or Yahoo. These “searches” are the #1 driver of traffic to relevant, content rich websites.
Branding is about creating your visual identity and unique messaging. Building a brand is giving a voice to your business. Great brands rarely change, but media platforms do.
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